Doris Purchase is a conceptual artist with a focus on painting and drawing. She is driven by all things creative and her personal goal is to connect people with art, and engage them in the creative process. A life-long doodler, trained in fine art, with degrees from both the Ontario College of Art and Guelph University, she has collaborated and participated in a wide variety of works and exhibitions. She teaches art and creativity workshops, and works in education at the Art Gallery of Ontario.



The works described as “Wire Art” expose the unseen, raw elements of a painting: the gesso, the frame, the wire, and the unprimed canvas. Liberating the humble, normally hidden wire, Doris gives it centre stage to the wire evolving into line, abstracts and figurative that it would otherwise be consigned to support; freed of its traditional burden. By inverting the traditional components of a painting, she pays tribute to the miners and manufacturers, the forests and cotton fields that are implicated in, and those that are behind the scenes contribute to, the making of her work.

The pieces described as “Couch Art” shift the focus to the viewer, and the aesthetic choices they make in creating their own domestic landscapes. Taking the couch as an icon of personal style, Doris highlights the often taboo link between our furniture and the art we are drawn to. Here again, in painting pattern on canvas, mimicking the plushness of a couch, acknowledgement is made to the unsung work of the fabric makers and the upholsterers whose craft is being referenced.

doris'_art_sunnyside                                DoriswithWallpiece

Doris also provides workshops for parents and their preschoolers, teaches oil glaze painting, does portrait commissions and graphic design work.




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  1. Hi Doris, nice to meet you today at the AGO’s Basquiat installation in First Canadian Place. Thanks for passing along your name and this site. Best, Dawn

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