Wire art 2017

Wire and staples art 2016

_g6_4184 _g6_4180 _g6_4162 _g6_4156 _g6_4148 _g6_4141 _g6_4137 _g6_4132 _g6_4125 _g6_4120 _g6_4114

Wire Art 2015

gold_cut_0415_web gold_cut_0429_web shelf_0505_web shelf_0507_web sun_0438_web sun_0448_web windswept_0473_webwindswept_0483_webwall_0528_web wall_0559_web

Wire Art

Cushion Art Series


2 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Doris…I love this work so much. I really love the first pic of the white frame that seems to be unraveling ….its’ poetic and demanding attention! And I also love the elegance of the wire in some of the other pieces. I’m so glad we met yesterday and I got to know some of your work. Please keep in touch.

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